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Why Do I Need One?
As a licensed appliance installer, I have had over ten years of professional experience
installing a wide variety of appliances.  In my experience, I have witnessed firsthand
the surprising amount of water damage to floors, cabinetry, and property that often
results from small,
undetected leaks in water connections or seals, notably from
or refrigerator ice lines.  The reason the water leaks are usually undetected
is because water connections or seals are typically located underneath or toward the
back of the appliance, and the water leak itself is often only a small drip that is easily
absorbed into the surrounding wood subfloor.  After prolonged exposure to moisture,
the floor and surrounding areas deteriorate and rot, often causing the owner to replace
warped wood floors, subfloors, cabinetry etc.  With the Dishwasher Diaper in place,
the water from the leak is forced out in front of the a
ppliance where it is visible,
alerting you that there is a problem!